Our Mission & Vision

Who We Are

We are the church. The Bible tells us that we are to be the church rather than just “go to church.” At Real Life Ministries Alabama, you will find that we are much more than just individuals attending church. We are a group of people with many backgrounds yet a singular purpose. We are a community, a family that believes strongly in fulfilling the call by Jesus Christ to GO into the world and make disciples of Jesus; loving others the way Jesus did.


Using the message and method of Jesus Christ, we will follow His model to share, connect, equip to minister and release people to disciple others.


We believe that Jesus established the New Testament church to continue the ministry He began while He was here on earth. We will follow Jesus’ method as we share Jesus’ message.

What's Next?

Now that you're a little more familiar with our church, take a moment to get to know us a little better. Continue below to learn about our beliefs.